Olexy Work – recruitment agency – recruitment of employees throughout the European Union.

What we do?

We are busy with professional recruiting of employees. We do our best to match recruited employees to job offers we have from our contractors. Because we know that all people needs job which are fitting to theirs expectations and also all employers needs workers who are the best to work’s requirements.

This moment is difficult for both of sides. We appear in this point. We connecting contractors with a potential employees to make their relation much easy as is possible. Company which have job opportunities – why needs to pay for all extra recruitment steps? Why a candidates needs to send hundreds of applications and wait months for answer? We are here to connected you each other and make both parts happy.

Why US? Who we are?

We are a recruitment agency that provides recruitment services for Dutch market. We are young team, who in the past have been temporary workers and we had a lot of successful processes on vacancies. Now we change our role in market to bring help peoples to find a job. Our point is to match talented people with fantastic opportunities in international companies. As a company, you can be sure that we will find the right people, tailored to your requirements. As employees, you can be sure that we will do our best to ensure that your requirements for employment are fully met, which will translate into long-term cooperation and mutual satisfaction.

Our motto: „New job. Better tomorrow!” And this is not an unjustified statement.

We invite potential employees to register and the company to cooperate with us!