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Allowed 5 files, format: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, odt, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp. Max. File size: 4mb.
The BIC code (SWIFT) can be found on the bank's website

Personal data

Example: "+31616348648" or "0031616348648"
Allowed 1 file, format: jpg, jpeg, png, gif. Max. Size: 2mb.

Address data

Example: "Warsaw, Poland" or "Eindhoven, Netherlands" etc.
Example: "Eindhovenseweg Zuid 59" or "39-41 Villiers St"
Example: "5683 PW" or "WC2N 6NE"

Additional information

If more than one, separate them with commas.
Info: If you want to use the company accommodation and company transport, your employer may require you to travel to work by bike (up to a maximum of 10 kilometers, according to the law). Otherwise, your employer may require from you your own transport to work.
e.g. "with brother John Smith" (if you want to go alone leave the field empty)

Information / work preferences


If you are looking for a job later than 45 days from today, please register at a later date.
Required availability for a minimum period of 3 months.
I am available for work for more than 6 months.
You can choose a maximum: 3
e. g. "Eindhoven - up to 20km" or "Netherlands or Germany"

Certificates / Courses and training

If more than one, separate them with commas.
Being the driver of a company car you are responsible for arranging employees from / to work. As a driver, you get a salary supplement or you do not incur costs for transport to work.

Levels of language skills - a legend:

- basic - you know the basic phrases in a foreign language about private life. You can speak the language of your choice, as long as your interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly..

communicative - You understand simple statements and frequently used expressions related to everyday life. You can communicate in simple communication situations on familiar and typical topics. At this level you can already talk to the interlocutor in his or her own language..

- advanced - You can understand complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics. You also understand discussions on professional topics related to your specialization. You speak fluently and spontaneously and the conversation in a foreign language is not mentally burdensome for you and you do not get tired in it. You are able to explain your position on the matter and consider the advantages and disadvantages of solutions..

My Resume

Allowed 1 file, format: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, odt. Max. Size: 2mb.

If you do not have a CV file or it is out of date (e. g. it does not contain the last jobs), it is necessary to create your CV in our wizard by clicking on the button below "Fill in Resume Online". The CV creation wizard will appear below and the added file will be deleted.

What must your CV contain?

1. At least your last 3 place of employment (especially from last year, if they are),

To add an entry to the "Experience" section, click on the "Add experience" button below, fill in the fields marked with an asterisk;

What should such an entry look like? Example:Ingram Micro in Waalwijk, Netherlans (agency Olexy Work)
Orderpicker / Warehouseman
02.2019 - 07.2019
- collecting orders using a scanner,
- preparing orders for shipment

2. At least the last level of education (the last school, the university you finished).

To add the level of education, click on the "Add education" button;

Each entry is intended for one place of work / education. If you want to add 3 entries in the "experience" section, you have to click "Add experience" 3 times. With the help of "drag and drop" with the mouse you can set the order of employers / education.



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